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Build and engage your Facebook audience.

Re-engagement platform that integrates with Facebook Messenger so that you can keep the conversation going!

Conversational Marketing: Leads to sale in minutes, not days

Social messaging channels like Facebook Messenger have created new possibilities for engaging customers in personalized ongoing conversations.

Easy Conversion
Higher Retention

Anonymous Visitors to Facebook Subscribers

In a single click visitors can share their Facebook identity with you and their profile details are synced to the MFY dashboard. Get to know your customers on a first name basis!

Seamless hand-off to Facebook messenger

Keep the conversation going with your customer even after they leave your website. Messages sent after the customer closes your website will be automatically sent to their Facebook inbox.

Better than Email Follow-ups

In fact 6x better. According to research, engagement rate for email is only 2% while for the Messenger channel it is 13.1%. For a consumer-facing brand or B2C company, Conversational Marketing has a better value for the money than email to re-engage users!

Why MFY is 6 Times better than
traditional live chat solutions

Email has lost its charm to engage users, because its frequently associated with spam and replying to email is considered a chore. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger boasts 1.2 billion monthly users and a user typically checks and replies to Messenger notifications within minutes

Other Chat Platforms

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Due to friction of requiring an email id, fewer visitors tend to initiate a chat with you
Only 33% of follow-up emails for re-engaging the visitors after they leave the website are opened
Out of those, only 2 emails are clicked on to complete a call to action. Which is an abysmal 2% conversion

Other Chat Platforms

Other chat platforms use email to follow up with visitors, but engagement rate for email is only 2%.


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Significantly lesser bounce rate since Facebook policy ensures an easy and spam-free experience
Follow up messages sent to Facebook Messenger has an astonishingly high open rate of 80%
Messenger Call to action messages has an engagement rate of 13%, roughly 6 times better than email.


Follow up messages sent to Facebook via MFY has an engagement rate that is 619% (6 times) better.

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