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Use Messenger automation to grow your audience

The easiest way for professional Bloggers and Content Creators to create Facebook Messenger campaigns that engage, nurture and grow your audience.

Messenger Marketing for Bloggers, Makers & Content Creators

Conversations at scale for Bloggers, Makers & Content Creators

With MFY, it’s easy to create beautiful embed forms on your WordPress blog to convert visitors into Facebook Messenger subscribers. You can tag and segment them and send personalized broadcast messages to them.

Beautiful capture forms that convert

Easy installation using our Wordpress plugin or Google Tag Manager in a few clicks. Customize to fit your brand.

  • Let users choose between Facebook and Email

  • Automatically send welcome messages and lead magnets

  • Responsive design that works on mobile and web

Get to know your Tribe

Segment your audience using tags. Create personalized messages that resonate with each segment of your tribe.

  • Use tag combinations to segment your audience

  • Auto-sync profile details from Facebook

  • Assign tags based on how they respond to your broadcasts

Send personalized Messenger broadcasts

Send text and rich content to your tribe using Messenger broadcasts. Add URLs to your website content that gets rendered as beautiful Messenger cards.

  • Send swipe-friendly Messenger cards

  • Content links open in the built-in browser

  • Use smart fields to customize your message

An ongoing conversation that is engaging

Start a conversation around your content. Allow your readers to reply directly to you and share their views.

  • Quick replies and Emoji support

  • One click re-share via Messenger for virality

  • Lower friction to reply than email

A new channel with 80% open rates

MFY is the easiest and fastest way to set up FB Messenger automation for your content updates. Social messaging channels like FB Messenger have a stellar 80% open rates. Leverage this for growing your audience.

What experts have to say about Messenger Marketing

We gave readers two options: to submit the form and receive the content and via email or to skip the form and get immediate access to the content in Facebook Messenger instead. Approximately 20% chose this latter option.

Elissa Hudson

Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot

In Messenger, no algorithm is controlling what people see; you can control the conversation between your page and the user. Thus, driving traffic with Messenger is much easier than it is with a regular post to your Facebook page or even an email.

Natasha Takahashi

CMO & Co-Founder, School of Bots

Conversational marketing space is going to be even BIGGER than anyone expects. Keep in mind, it’s an ideal platform for conversation. People already use it and trust it.

Mikael Yang

CEO, ManyChat

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MFY is free to use for up to 500 subscribers (We count only those who were added after you create an account with MFY).