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MFY plugs-in with your existing email based tools to deliver your content to your FB Messenger subscribers.

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Introducing mMail

We render your email as beautiful clickable cards in Facebook Messenger

No need to re-create your content & workflow

Your well crafted content is probably already sitting in your existing email newsletter tool. You probably also have optimised your workflow to segment your subscribers and send the right content to the right user using time based campaigns or in a behavior/event driven manner. MFY essentially plugs-in and re-uses your existing content and workflow.

Sync your FB subscribers to your favorite CRM & other Email based tools

Whether you are using Mailchimp or Hubspot or even just a plain Google Sheet to build and manage your subscribers, Messengerify can help you sync and manage your FB audience and email subscribers in one place using Zapier

Growth Tools

Two powerful widgets for your website to grow your subscribers


A 2-in-1 subscription box that can capture your visitors permission either using FB Messenger or using the traditional email signup


A full live chat software for your website that integrates deeply with FB Messenger so that you can chat with your visitors even after they leave your website!

Email works. But Email + FB Messenger works better

FB messenger is a not going to replace email. Some people prefer emails. Your millenial audience might prefer chat. So why not choose both?. We help you build and engage FB subscribers in addition to email subscribers.

Get 56% Extra Conversion

Your email campaigns might already have an awesome convertion rate. But what if we can offer an extra 56% on top of it. Yeah you heard it right 56%

Send Rich Content

Send any type of rich content. We support any HTML5 content you can send via email. It could be embedded videos or conversational surveys. Sky is the limit!

Familiar Workflows

MFY does not replace your workflow. It plugs-in! With a one time setup MFY opens an entirely new distribution channel, home to 1 Billion potential subscribers, for your existing content!

What experts have to say about Messenger Marketing

Unlike a cold email list, where you could get spam-listed by disgruntled customers, Facebook Messenger is a warm and welcoming opportunity.

Niel Patel

Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, Author