Due to an official Facebook app review, MFY's services are currently available only to official Facebook app-review team. Sorry for the inconvenience 😞

MFY is currently in invite-only private beta

We ask you to login via Facebook because our beta invite is sent to your FB Messenger inbox. We do truly believe that emails are out and Messenger conversations are in! And we practice what we preach when it comes to our own customer relationships 😃

Benefits of being a Beta-Customer

First 6 Months Free

Your 6 months of MFY subscription is on us! You get access to all premium features at zero charges!

Early Access

You will have early access (for free) to all the features that we release in your first 6 months! Curious to know what's cooking? Ping us!

VIP Customer Support

Get a direct line to our team to help you with any help that you might need.

Special Discounted Pricing

Saving the best for the last, you will receive a special discounted price after the beta period